Become an BBIF Regional Director

The primary role of a BBIF Regional Director (RD) is to serve as a regional contact working in conjunction with the relevant Head Regional Director and BBIF Marketing Committee to better serve a particular area of the Indian region. The RD provides localized advice and feedback on:

• local biobanking and research activities ;
• local networking and educational opportunities;
• help to connect more students/biobanker on BBIF educational courses/seminars/workshop and conferences
• participation and circulation of BBIF materials at local meetings;
• work to connect more people with BBIF
• identification and outreach to new biobanks to encourage BBIF membership and involvement
• Effective tools and methodologies to engage communities within their area of the region.
• identification of local biobanking/research meetings that BBIF should be represented at
• assistance in publicizing the benefits of BBIF membership;
• Identification of organizations with whom BBIF may consider future collaborations and potentially serve as a liaison contact to initiate discussions.

The RDs term will run for 2 years and must be a current BBIF member in good standing. If membership lapses for more than 2 months the RD’s term will be terminated and the role will be reassigned to another interested member. RD roles are voluntary and do not attract any support from BBIF to attend meetings, etc. Names of RDs will be included on the BBIF website’s “About” tab in recognition of their contributions to BBIF and its activities.

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BBIF serves all six region of India. Each region has an regional directors and it would be expended to different zonal directors.