BBIF Biobanking Consulting & Advisory Services

The Biobank India Foundation (BBIF) Biobanking Advisory Services has pool of experts and offers advisory services in various domains of biobanking set up. Additionally, we also have team of experts to provide advice on translational sciences and allied areas. BBIF Biobank Consultancy in India incorporate industry best practices with technical expertise to optimize patient consent, biospecimen acquisition, biospecimen processing, distribution and storage. BBIF is committed to providing quality biorepository consulting services to clinical, diagnostic and research communities.

BBIF Expertise in:

  • Biorepository Accreditation
  • Assessment, Planning and Development of Biorepository Infrastructure
  • Planning and Allocation of Human and Financial Resources
  • Hiring and Training of Biorepository Professionals
  • Establishment of Sustainable Logistics, Finances and Business Practices
  • Deployment of Biorepository IT Workflow
  • Development of QA/QC, Compliance and Regulatory Protocols
  • Development of Standard Operating Research Protocols
  • Safety and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Translational Sciences
  • Basic Sciences
  • Medical Sciences
  • Career Guidance