About BBIF

BBIF is a not-for-profit Indian biobanking organization for promoting biobank Science in India. It makes a common platform for scientists, biobankers, legal representatives, scientific industry and donor to work on emerging issue of biobank and research. BBIF works on awareness of biobank science among stakeholders and provides a strong support and guidance to new and established biobanks.

Key activities of BBIF include: Biobank awareness, education, advocacy, creation of state of art guidelines, collaboration and platform to exhibit new product, findings and technologies.

Our Mission

The Biobank India Foundation (BBIF) is an India based biobanking initiative to support awareness programs and promote engagement with in healthcare system.

Our Vision

BBIF will be the leading Indian biobanking forum for promoting biobank know-how, promote harmonized high-quality principles, education, ethics, and innovation in health sciences and management

Our Goals

  • To guide establishment of biobanks, biorepositories, accreditation, sustainability and management

  • Promotion and advancement of the science of biobanking in India

  • Bring members together to work on emerging issues of biobank and research

  • Provide a strong support and guidance to new and established biobanks

  • Engage scientists and interested representatives

  • Encourage to follow high-quality international standards in biobanking

  • Identify critical gaps in the field and provide solutions

  • Develop biobanks best practice guidelines in India

  • Make collaborative engagements with the governments, patients and members of the civil society on the importance of a biobanking infrastructure to manage both patient-donated and archival tissue samples for healthcare research

  • Encourage and support public –private partnerships owing to their scientific, medical and commercial importance

  • To facilitate national and international collaborations in basic and translational sciences

Meet Our Executive Members

Dr. Ambrish Kumar Sharma

President, Ex. Principle Scientist IARI

Dr. Renu Saxena

Medanta, The Medcity

Dr. Ajith Kamath

Executive Director, Mitra Biotech

Dr. Bansi D Malhotra

Vice President, Ex. Chief Scientist & Head

Adv. Puneet Yadav


Dr. Arun Kumar


Dr. Naveen

                         Dr. Naveen Singh, Consultant,                                                                        Dr. B.P. Singh, Polyclinic,                                                                                     New Delhi

Meet Our International Advisory Committee

Dr. Daniel
Dr. Koh

Regional Directors

  • Northern India

  • Central India

  • Eastern India

  • North eastern India

  • Western India

  • Southern India

Ethical Advisory Committee

  • Dr. Priya Tiwari

  • Adv. Puneet Yadav

  • Dr. Gayatri Vishwakarma

Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Dr. Arnab Roy Choudhary

  • Dr. Ajit Kamath

  • Dr. Arvind Meena

  • Dr. Manishi Mukesh